Basic principles

Er is een regeling opgesteld die de uitwerking vormt van de verklaring van het bestuur.

The following basic principles apply to this reporting centre regulations:

  • The regulations are intended for individual members and former members of the Apostolic Society. 
  • The regulations focus on the mental well-being of members and former members.
  • One important goal of the regulations is to seek connection, understanding and reconciliation. In particular, also by sharing or expressing (personal) insights to be able to relate ourselves (both the (former) member and the society) to the past. 
  • The regulations intend to be informal and accessible.
  • The reporting centre regulations provide for a reporting centre where individual members and former members can submit an application. 
  • The regulations contain a procedure that can be carried out step by step, but does not need to be followed in its entirety, depending on individual wishes. 

The reporting centre regulations have been drawn up by a working group and external experts.  The basic principles and criteria for the processing of applications are also laid down in these reporting centre regulations. This prevents inequality in the processing of applications.