To assess the application and its processing, it is necessary that the reporting centre has certain personal data about you. Article 6 of the reporting centre regulations also means that you agree that the reporting centre will use this data for this purpose.

Applications are processed separately from the society’s systems as much as possible. The site of the reporting centre is hosted by an external party with whom a processing agreement has been concluded. The administrative processing and handling of the applications take place within a secure environment, to which only the reporting centre employee and the secretary and the members of the advisory committee have access. Furthermore, one member of the Board of the society is mandated to decide on the advice of the advisory committee on behalf of the board. Also, any discussions with the advisory committee take place in spaces rented by it from a private party.

We work in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The data will not be kept longer than is necessary for the processing of the applications. With the exception of the decisions of the Board and the registration system, the underlying documents and personal data will be deleted within two years after the Board has decided on the application. The decisions are not kept longer than is necessary for an audit by the tax authorities and/or the accountant.

No personal data is stored on the website; after completing the form, the data will be forwarded to the reporting centre and removed from the website.