External reporting centre

The external reporting centre consists of two permanent employees and several members of an advisory committee. The permanent employees are the reporting centre employee and the secretary of the advisory committee. 

The reporting centre employee is a trained psychosocial advisor with many years of experience in victim support. This employee is qualified to refer applicants to aid organisations or confidential advisors.

The secretary is a lawyer who passes on applications for recognition and/or reimbursement by the board of costs incurred to the advisory committee, makes plans for a meeting, prepares meeting reports and drafts advice.

The advisory committee consists of three members. The chairman is a lawyer, one member is a BIG-registered psychologist or psychiatrist and the other member is a mediator or recovery coach.

The reporting centre employees and members of the advisory committee are by definition not members or former members of or otherwise affiliated with the Apostolic Society.

  • Reporting centre employee: Ted Bokhorst 
  • Secretary of the advisory committee: Tineke Duijnstee LLM
  • Chairman of the advisory committee: Aleid Wolfsen LLM
  • Member of the advisory committee: Monique Heijst LLM
  • Member of the advisory committee: Peter van Beelen

Without any intrinsic involvement, the registration system, the salary costs and/or the allowances of the employee, the secretary and the members of the committee are paid by the Apostolic Society. The website is hosted externally and also paid for by the society.

“I work as a psychosocial advisor at a victim care organisation. I enjoyed a social education and have worked with multi-problem families for over 20 years. In the last five years, as a senior, I’ve taken on a more advisory and coaching role. I also have my own training and coaching agency. I now also work for the reporting centre for 6 to 8 hours a week.”
Ted Bokhorst
Reporting centre employee
“After a career in the health sector and completing a law degree, I worked for 6 years as a judicial clerk at the District Court in Zutphen, Criminal Law sector. I then served for 7 years as the administrative secretary of the Complaints Committee at Hilversum Hospital, now called Tergooi Hospital. For the last three years, I have served as deputy secretary of the Regional Medical Board in Zwolle. I will now devote all my energy to serving as secretary of the advisory committee.”
Tineke Duijnstee
Secretary of the advisory committee
“I presently serve as chairman of the Personal Data Authority. I am also chairman of several other institutions, including the Supervisory Board of the Asbestos Victims Institute, as well as an arbitrator. Previously, I held various other positions as a judge, member of the House of Representatives, and mayor, as well as chairman of the Personal Injury Board and member of the Supervisory Board of Victim Support Netherlands. With the knowledge and experience I have acquired, I hope to be able to contribute to easing the pain and providing compensation for potential damage said to have been suffered by various members.”
Aleid Wolfsen
Chairman of the advisory committee
“After working for years as an advocate for the interests of various parties, I now work as a communication consultant and systemic coach. I look forward to taking advantage of this unique opportunity, as a member of the committee, to listen carefully and collaborate with my fellow committee members to see what is needed.”
Monique Heijst
Member of the advisory committee
“I have worked for a lengthy period in the forensic (youth) care sector as a therapist, pedagogue, and care manager. At present, I work in my own practice as a psychotherapist and as a supervisor/coach for psychologists, remedial educationalists, and care managers. As a member of the committee, I look forward to working together with my colleagues in order to make a contribution to some degree of rehabilitation.”
Peter van Beelen
Member of the advisory committee